"Santa Maria del Mar church": construida entre 1329 y 1383, esta iglesia de estilo gótico está situada en pleno corazón del barrio del Born. Caracterizada por su amplitud de formas y su austeridad decorativa, es un destacado ejemplo del Gótico Catalán. Regularmente se realizan conciertos a los que merece la pena asistir.
Plaça de Santa Maria del Mar, 1
08003 Barcelona

"Picasso Museum": situado a 5 minutos del apartamento, el Museo Picasso es una referencia clave para entender los años de formación de Pablo Ruiz Picasso. El genio del joven artista se revela a través de más de 3.800 obras que forman parte de la colección permanente del museo. Además, se pueden visitar obras que muestran su estrecha relación con la ciudad de Barcelona: una íntima y sólida relación que inició en su adolescencia y juventud, y continuó hasta su muerte.
C/ Montcada, 15-23
08003 Barcelona
93 256 30 00

"Barceloneta: Barrio y Playa": la Barceloneta es el antiguo barrio de pescadores de Barcelona. Situado justo al lado del puerto viejo, todavía huele a sal y a mar. En el último siglo, con el declive de la industria pesquera, el barrio entró en decadencia, pero con los Juegos Olímpicos de 1992 fue renovado y ahora es nuevamente un pequeño barrio lleno de vida. Tras un paseo por el lado del mar, se pueden comer tapas buenísimas en los múltiples bares del interior del barrio.

"Ciutadella Park": very close to the apartment, the Ciutadella Park is Barcelona’s most central park. Literally translated in English means "Park of the Citadel". Indeed, this park replaced the Citadel which had previously dominated the city. The Park includes a zoo, a lake (where you can rent a boat and take a ride on the water), a large fountain with waterfall (designed by Gaudí), several museums and the Catalan Parliament. On the grass you will find groups of every age and every type having a picnic, sunbathing or practicing many and varied activities such as juggling, balancing, doing some capoeira and even hula-hoop! Guitarists and drummers give rhythm to the sunny afternoons and you can find there from families with their children to hippies, sportsmen and musicians. Everybody has a place in the park. But if you just fancy a walk, there is no better place than this park with its trees, its exotic plants, its impressive statues and the endless possibilities for people-watching.
Av. del Marquès de l’Argentera


"Aire de Barcelona": restored old Arabic Baths located in the heart of Born. You will dive among ancient wells that were a part of the water reserve system in the old city. You will be able to enjoy the practice of the bath in an environment where the silence and natural fragrances aromas reign.
Passeig Picasso, 22
08003 Barcelona
902 555 789

Silom”: Spa


"Senyor Parellada": located in a XIX century building, this restaurant offers the exceptional flavours of the traditional Catalan cuisine. Surrounded by a colonial atmosphere, the Parellada family prepares first-class dishes always made with premium products. Both, the freshness of the meat and fish as well as the excellence of the rice and vegetables, have distinguished their cooking as a traditional reference point in the area.
C/ Argenteria, 35
08003 Barcelona
93 310 50 94

"Cal Pep": located in the same square as the apartment, "Cal Pep" is an excellent Mediterranean cooking restaurant where you can taste fish, shellfish and also tapas, all made with fresh products.
Plaça de les Olles, 8
08039 Barcelona
93 310 79 61

"Vaso de Oro": located just at the beginning of the Barceloneta area, it’s one of the best tapas restaurant in Barcelona. A favourite of food lovers, its often overcrowded little counter serves their own beer on tap and some of the best tapas in town. The artisanal draught beer is served with just the right amount of foam and always at the correct temperature. To eat, the beef filet mignon with duck liver and onions is an overwhelming favourite, but the fresh fish prepared on the grill is also excellent. The “Vaso de Oro” is always packed with people waiting at the bar to order tapas and some of their specially brewed beer. There are no tables, so be prepared to stand around and chat while you munch. Nevertheless, if you avoid peak local lunch and dinner hours (2-4 pm and 9-11 pm) you will have better luck finding space at the bar!
C/ Balboa, 7
08003 Barcelona
93 319 30 98

"Barceloneta": there are plenty of restaurants offering seafood cooking in Barcelona, but few places work as brilliantly as Barceloneta. Located on the upper floor of a modern dockside building in Port Vell (Old Port), the restaurant is packed with families enjoying a long lunch on weekends. The menu provides from tapas, fish, salads and classic Catalan rice dishes to the freshest possible shellfish. In summer, ask for a table with port views.
C/ L'Escar, 22 - Moll dels Pescadors
08039 Barcelona
93 221 21 11

"Sagardi": based on the cider-houses and taverns of the Basque Country, Sagardi is the meeting point between the past and the present. In the Basque Country it was customary to visit the rural farmhouses seasonally, to taste the new cider and make purchases for the year. To counter the effects of the alcohol, simple foods were offered, elaborated from the farm’s own meats and vegetables. In the early 20th Century small taverns appeared in the Basque Country, places to share the country’s best ciders and wines together with traditional foods in an informal and popular atmosphere. Following the example of the cider-makers, bite-sized foods, or pintxos, were also served to lower the excesses caused by drinking. Cider houses and taverns are and have always been a cultural legacy in the Basque Country.
C/ Argenteria, 62
08003 Barcelona
93 319 99 93

"Xampanyet": since 1929 (then called "Ca l’Esteve"), el "Xampanyet" is a landmark in Born that keeps all its personality. It’s not a place to have dinner but to have some of their famous anchovies and home-made tapas, always with a glass of their well-known wine "Xampanyet". Ideal for a quick lunch after visiting Picasso Museum (located in the same street).
C/ Montcada, 22
08003 Barcelona

"Sandwich&Friends": if you like sandwiches this is your place. As the name suggests, sandwiches are the specialty and come in various shapes and sizes, from baguettes and wraps to rolled sliced bread sandwiches and double-deckers, with a wide variety of creative fillings to choose. With a colourful interior and artwork made by the internationally famous illustrator Jordi Labanda adorning the wall, they also offer a big variety of delicious salads.
Passeig del Born, 27
08003 Barcelona
93 310 07 86


"La Comercial;": Isabel Marant, Étoile de Isabel Marant, Barbara Bui.
C/ Rec
08003 Barcelona

Coquette”: A.P.C., Madras de A.P.C., Masscob, Isabel Marant, Étoile de Isabel Marant, Les Prairies de Paris, Malababa, Athé Vanessa Bruno, IRO, See by Chloé.
C/ Rec, 65
08003 Barcelona
93 319 29 76
C/ Bonaire, 5
08003 Barcelona
93 310 35 35

Ivo & Co
Plaça Comercial, 3
08003 Barcelona
93 268 86 31

Plaça Comercial, 5
08003 Barcelona

"Vila Viniteca": is an incredible wine and delicatessen shop with knowledgeable and friendly staff to guide you through its vast selection. Exceptionally strong on Spanish wines, it’s a great place to check out new Catalan guarantees of origin such as Priorat, Monsant and Terra Alta.
C/ Agullers, 7-9
08003 Barcelona
93 310 19 56